Working together to rebuild lives affected by mental illness


“Racine Friendship Clubhouse, Inc. integrates people with mental illnesses into the economic and social community by increasing each participant’s self-reliance, self-esteem, and employ-ability, thereby reducing relapse and hospitalization.”

Since its inception, Racine Friendship Clubhouse, Inc. has been a place of hope and help to those in our community who have been diagnosed with mental illness, providing its members with services and programs to promote vocational rehabilitation and social integration. Racine Friendship Clubhouse represents a safe place to recuperate and rediscover skills and behaviors that may have been altered by or lost to mental illness.

Racine Friendship Clubhouse (RFC) is modeled on the Clubhouse Rehabilitation Model established by Fountain House more than 40 years ago. Since opening our doors in 1991 our clubhouse has served over 2,000 Racine County adults with severe and persistent mental illness.

The clubhouse model is based on the belief that our members are partners in their own recovery, rather than merely the passive recipients of treatment, and that meaningful work and relationships are integral parts of their recovery. Members work side by side with staff to organize and administer. Success is dependent upon the degree to which members assume responsibility for themselves.

Our clubhouse adheres to the standards set by Clubhouse International.

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