About Us

Racine Friendship Clubhouse

2000 17th St. Racine, WI 53403 USA

Phone: (262) 636-9393

Fax: (262) 636-9084

Email: info@racineclubhouse.org


Changes lives and inspires hope and opportunity for persons with a mental illness.


Executive Director: Lynelle Saunders

Program Director: Chris Rosin

Vocational Coordinator: Jennifer Marx

Culinary Unit Leader: Ken Rannow

Mentor:  Jordan Sweeti

Mentor:  Amanda Greidanus

Board of Directors

President:  Pat Bohon

Vice President: Jan Clum

Secretary:  Gretchen Rosenke

Treasurer:  Julie Feiler

Amy Hellwig

Shelly Hewitt

Cherie Lyford

Jim Murphy

Mary Rath

Marge Webb

Don Walters

Donna Zabler



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