Vocational Department

Racine Friendship Clubhouse provides a “strengths based” approach to vocational services, by helping members build essential “soft skills” and key work behaviors that promote job retention and advancement. Through offerings such as our weekly Job Club group, resume writing workshops, job search assistance, or guidance in education or career planning, RFC empowers members to develop and meet their personal and professional goals.

What makes RFC unique?

Individualized Soft Skills Training – daily participation in tasks, groups and activities allows members to strengthen their soft skills including; communication, reliability, and ability to follow direction. In addition, members learn strategies to cope with their illness.

  • Career or Educational Planning – The Vocational Coordinator and Program Director work together helping members to define future goals, some may involve additional training/school. We then help members with the enrollment process.
  • On-the-Job Training and Job Coaching – Our Vocational Coordinator is available to meet with employee and employer to set a training plan, she will then work with employee/member to help them adjust to and become independent in their new job.
  • On-site Mentoring in Culinary, Administrative, Receptionist, or Building Services – We are able to immediately identify areas of strength and areas that the member could benefit from additional training/participation. Members are able to work daily learning
    • culinary – food prep, shopping, meal planning, food inventory, use of kitchen appliance, food safety
    • reception – members answer phones, transfer calls, make clubhouse announcements, greet people at the door, etc all helping build communication skills.
    • Administrative – recording attendance and billing, preparing bank deposits, reconciling credit card/petty cash statements, filing, typing, etc
    • Building Services – Keeping building clean, including sweep/mop clean and sanitize bathrooms, performing small repairs, and lawn upkeep among others.
  • Weekly groups including; Job Club, Wellness, Men’s Forum and Women’s Empowerment.

For more information of to get involved, contact the Vocational Coordinator at 262-636-9393 or Msalazar@racineclubhouse.org

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