Community Outreach Program

Community outreach
The purpose is to assist our members in meeting their goals in relation to their participation in the greater community of our city and beyond. We have a different focus for each day. The general outline for each session is:
• Morning Meeting
• Topic Group Discussion
• Hands-on activity
• Research
• Work-ordered Day on the second floor

Mondays and Thursdays– Job Club with an employment focus
Job Club will be a session where members will focus on different work-related topics such as: resumes, mock interviews, work ethic, and other related topics. Members will have the opportunity to be part of a skill assessment in which they will be able to measure their progress based on the practice they receive during Work-ordered Day.

Members will have the opportunity to apply for jobs and send out resumes. When safe, an outing will take place for Job Club. Taking a workshop at the Workforce Development Center is an example of an outing for Job Club.

Tuesdays – Back to the Basics with an education focus
Back to the Basics will be a session in which members will come together to work side by side with a volunteer to learn and build confidence in different areas. There will be different classes offered such as computer class, learning the internet, email, etc. This session is based on individual needs.

Volunteers will work one on one with a member for one hour, one time a week.

Fridays– Staying Connected with a community focus
Staying Connected will be a session in which members will come together to talk about things happening in the community. The group will explore community activities, clubs, groups, resources, volunteer opportunities and much more. Members will be encouraged to participate in a community opportunity.

Work on personal goals
Goal setting meetings will take place every other week. During this time the Community Outreach Coordinator will meet individually with members to review and check-in on goals. Goal setting is a life-enhancement skill that will encourage, grow, and improve our member’s opportunities. Having both coordinators working together will help bridge both Work-order Day and Community Outreach programs together.

This program is vital to have volunteers work alongside our members. With the guidance and support from the staff at RFC community, volunteers will have the opportunity to work one on one with a member in the following areas:
One-on-one mentoring during Back to the Basics group.
One-on-one support in Work-ordered Day activities.
One on one support in small groups such as Wellness, Women’s Group and Men’s Group.

Volunteer opportunities consist of a one-hour-per-week commitment for a six-month period.  Volunteers can choose their level of participation based on their availability.

If you would like to volunteer, contact the RFC and speak with Marisol Salazar at 262-636-9393 or

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