Community Outreach Program

Community Outreach
The purpose is to assist our members in meeting their goals in relation to their participation in the greater community of our city and beyond. Some of the goals and meetings include:
• Educational goals
• Vocational goals
• Personal goals
• Computer skills
• Community engagement

Work on personal goals
Goal setting meetings will take place once a month. During this time, the Community Outreach Coordinator will meet individually with members to review and check-in on goals. Goal setting is a life-enhancement skill that will encourage, grow, and improve our member’s opportunities. Having both coordinators working together will help bridge both Work-order Day and Community Outreach programs together.

Members can also work with the Community Outreach Coordinator for one-on-one assistance with any goals they may be working to accomplish.

Volunteering in the Community

The Community Outreach Coordinator is also working on implementing a volunteer opportunity for members who wish to get involved, build those skills and give back to our community! Members will be able to work through the entire process, from research, to applications, to partaking in community work.

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