Members & Programs

Central to our model is membership. Racine Friendship Clubhouse serves members, not patients or clients.

Members Enjoy Four Basic Rights:

  1. The Right to a place to come
  2. The Right to meaningful work
  3. The Right to meaningful relationships
  4. The Right to a place to return

Work Ordered Day:

The Clubhouse is designed to provide the opportunity to work for all the members organized around a work-ordered day. The work-ordered day is split into two sessions, Monday through Thursday, during which members and staff work together as colleagues to carry out the tasks involved in running the Clubhouse. Members volunteer to participate as they feel ready and according to their individual interests. The Clubhouse work includes cooking and cleaning, gardening, fundraising, research, assisting each other with housing, outreach, intake and tours of new members, new staff orientation, evaluation of Clubhouse effectiveness, assistance with education, planning social activities, and assisting members to obtain services from the wider community.

Educational Opportunities:

The Clubhouse assists members to complete education that has been disrupted or to start certificate and degree programs at academic or adult education programs. The Clubhouse may also take advantage of the talents and skills of staff and members to provide in-house educational opportunities.

Decision Making & Governance:

Members and staff meet in open forums to discuss policy issues and future planning for the Clubhouse.

Community Support:

Members are given support in acquiring and keeping affordable housing, good mental health and general medical services, government disability benefits and any other services they may need.

Reach Out:

Part of the daily work of the Clubhouse involves keeping track of members. When a member does not attend the Clubhouse, a “reach out” telephone call is made to let the member know that he or she is missed.


Racine Friendship Clubhouse members are encouraged to provide their own transportation to and from the clubhouse. We help members learn the bus routes, and will help members schedule specialized transportation services. 

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